Logiroad helps you understand, manage and improve tomorrow’s urban road network.
Logiroad is an independent software vendor (ISV) company for decision-making software in the field of PMS (Pavement Management System) and traffic data acquisition
AVAILABLE !! The new version of OD Soft allow you to tracking vehicles in hard traffic conditions.
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Early February, Logiroad has got IFSTTAR licence to produce the UniBox. The UniBox is a compact and low-cost device that measures, for a driving speed upper than 30 km/h, the longitudinal profile of a road in the wavelength band [0.7m ; 45m], which corresponds to the uni of road pavements.
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OD Pack : The solution to analysis road traffic

You want :

  • Make a knowledge of vehicles flow according to their category (class) ?
  • Examine some areas : boundary, urban intersections or crossroads ?
  • Provide reports : origin / destination matrix, counting vehicles ?
  • Create a customized study ?

OD RecordLearn more : OD Record.

OD SoftLearn more : OD Soft.

L²R (Long-Life Road) : Why a complete and rational system for the management of roads ?

3 Complementary tools :

  • Maintaining only the worst deteriorated roads is more expensive in the long term than implementing a rational asset management programme which combines preventive maintenance and curative maintenance.
  • To improve the experience for road users (travel time, comfort,…) because the more the road is worn out, the more vehicles suffer from wear and tear.

L2R MeasureLearn more : L2R Measure.

L2R BaseLearn more : L²R Base.

L2R ProgrammeLearn more : L²R Programme.