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About Us

LogiRoad aims to be the French leader in software publishing in the field of traffic analysis and road management .
To this end, LogiRoad aims to effectively solve problems encountered by road managers for both traffic analysis and road asset
maintenance. Logiroad proposes two product ranges : Traffic Management & Road Asset Management

Road Asset Management Solutions: Long-Life Road (L²R) Suite

Logiroad has developed the “Long-Life Road (L²R)” software suite to rationalize road maintenance strategies. From easy-touse tablet-devices for quick, accurate field-data collection to recommending works programmes and simulating network
conditions over several years, the L²R Pavement Management System helps road maintenance departments to fulfill their road
maintenance objectives.
Why such a system?

1. Maintaining only the worst deteriorated roads is more expensive in the long term than implementing a rational asset
management programme which combines preventive maintenance and curative maintenance.

2. To improve the experience for road users (travel time, comfort,…) because the more the road is worn out, the more vehicles
suffer from wear and tear.

gestion des routes

For more information please consult the Road Asset Management page.

Traffic Management Solutions: OD System

Logiroad’s OD System is comprised of the unique and innovative software, OD Soft, which allows you to automatically analyse
traffic flows of vehicles at/on intersections and roundabouts. And together with the video acquisition device, OD Record, you
can record, monitor and analyse the:

  •  origin
  • destination
  • speed
  • direction of travel
  • position, and
  • vehicle category (car, motorbike, truck etc).



For more information, please consult the Traffic Management page.