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Products sold : OD Soft, L2R Programme, L2R Base, L2R Mesure
Aether is a professionally managed company providing engineering and support services for commercial, industrial buildings, process plants, energy, railways, metro rail
Automated Traffic Data
Canada, United States
Products sold : OD Soft, OD Record
A Powerful Solution for both Turning Movement & Traffic Studies : Record video and allow our desktop software to analyze the video, capture data and generate reports.
Products sold : OD Soft, OD Record, L²R Suite
Tecnología para vías y peajes
Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria
Products sold : L²R Suite
Solutions for any Infrastructure-Asset such as Pavements, Bridges, Signs, Guardrails, Safety, Water, etc. Services range from data collection to database implementation, detailed life cycle cost analysis and visualization of the results.