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Traffic studies

Origin & Destination Automatic Traffic Analysis System


You want :

  • Make a knowledge of vehicles flow according to their category (class) ?
  • Examine some areas : boundary, urban intersections or crossroads ?
  • Provide reports : origin / destination matrix, counting vehicles ?
  • Create a customized study ?

Logiroad’s OD System is comprised of the unique and innovative software, OD Soft, which allows you to automatically analyse traffic flows of vehicles at/on intersections and roundabouts. And together with the video acquisition device, OD Record, you can record, monitor and analyse the :

  • origin
  • destination
  • speed
  • direction of travel
  • position, and
  • vehicle category (car, motorbike, truck etc).

OD Record

OD Record is a video acquisition and recording device comprised of a compact and low energy consumption fish-eye camera and a simple 12v battery mounted on a 15m mast. OD Record allows you to control and configure various recording time-periods either on-site or beforehand via its unique video acquisition and recording software.
This device can be adapted according to customers’ requirements. Please contact us for details.

To find out more please consult the OD Record page.

OD Soft

The automatic video tracking and analysis software, OD Soft, allows you to count the number, position and category of each vehicle, the speed and direction of travel as well as calculating the Origin/Destination matrices.

To find out more please consult the OD Soft page.

For more detailed studies, Logiroad proposes a multi-sensor acquisition device (camera, rangefinder, radar) and advanced analysis of road users’ behavior. If you wish to have more information on this service, please contact us via this form.