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OD Soft: Automatic Video Tracking & Analysis Software

The automatic video tracking and analysis software, OD Soft, allows you to count the number, position and category of each vehicle, the speed and direction of travel as well as calculating the Origin/Destination matrices.

OD Soft
This multiplatform software allows you to visualize the tracking of vehicles in real-time.


  • Fully automatic traffic analysis software.
  • Fast analysis: 3 hours of video footage can be analysed in just 1 hour.
  • 95% accuracy when used in conjunction with OD Record
  • Can analyse independently recorded video footage : based on GoPro cameras, Scout Video Collection from Miovision, and other device.
  • Software generated reports and graphs for presentations .

Some examples …

Roundbaound tracking

Rush hour

Busy traffic

Interline tracking

Night tracking

Parking survey

Crossroad tracking


Results are displayed as origin / destination matrix (see below).

Matrices OD

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