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OD Record: Video acquisition and recording device

OD Record is a video acquisition and recording device comprised of a compact and low energy consumption fish-eye camera and a simple 12v battery mounted on a 15m mast. OD Record allows you to control and configure various recording time-periods either on-site or beforehand via its unique video acquisition and recording software.

OD Record 1
OD Record 2

Acquisition software

The software OD Record allowing to control and configure many record time periods can be directly configured in situ or before in office.

OD Record 1
OD Record 1


  • Easy to install : < 1 hour by only one personn.
  • No blind spots: global fish-eye view.
  • Various recording range-times available.
  • Optional thermal camera for night-time recording.


  • 11metre mast.
  • Wide view camera.
  • 12v battery.
  • Video acquisition and recording software
  • Training
  • Technical assistance.

This system can be adapted according to customer requirements.
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