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Long-Life Road L²R Suite

Logiroad has developed the “Long-Life Road (L²R)” software suite to rationalize road maintenance strategies. From easy-to-use tablet-devices for quick, accurate field-data collection to recommending works programmes and simulating network conditions over several years, the L²R Pavement Management System helps road maintenance departments to fulfill their road maintenance objectives.


With increasing traffic volumes, stricter environmental constraints and a more aggressive climate, ensuring the sustainability of our existing road infrastructure has become a major challenge.

Today’s road managers have the complex task of maintaining, preserving and upgrading road assets to satisfy existing and future transportation needs within ever tighter budgets.

So it becomes necessary to develop a proactive asset management strategy so that infrastructure can be maintained in optimum structural condition.

Logiroad’s innovative L²R software suite is fully customizable helping you to identify treatments according to condition, climate, traffic levels and public policy; to allocate available budget accordingly; test and fine-tune maintenance policies to suit the local road network and its manager.

L²R Measure

Road asset inventory and damage monitoring

L²R Measure is easy-to-use software installed on tablet-devices to facilitate on-site recording and monitoring of the status of your road asset infrastructure. Multiple asset types including roads, signs and signals can be located according their characteristics (preset or user-defined) and/or by GPS coordinates.
To find out more please consult the L²R Measure page.

L²R Base

Road asset database

L²R Base is a powerful database where you can store, retrieve, update and cross-check your road asset data. Information is held in a road reference table (linear/spatial location referencing) , and results can be displayed on open source maps such as Quantum, Google Earth or Openstreetmap for easy visualization.
To find out more please consult the L²R Base page.

L²R Programme (previously known as GiRR)

Road asset maintenance planning

L²R Programme is powerful decision-making software allowing you to plan your road network maintenance activities over single or multiple periods. The software offers quick configuration based on your specific objectives and maintenance policies thanks to its simple programming language. Easily readable and accessible reports can be produced to help you present your road maintenance proposals or results to local councils and finance departments.

Our experts are available should you need help in the area of road network management such as:

  • Designing a global methodology and the setting up of an appropriate organizational structure for optimal road network management
  • Choosing the appropriate asset status indicators in accordance with maintenance policies and the road manager’s objectives
  • Deciding on the appropriate maintenance technique triggers to be used and their effects on asset status indicators
  • Custom-configuration of the software suite.

To find out more please consult the L²R Programme page.

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