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Multiannual programmation

L²R Programme: Road asset maintenance planning software

L²R Programme (previously known as GiRR), is powerful decision-making software allowing you to plan your road network maintenance activities over single or multiple periods.

The software offers quick configuration based on your specific objectives and maintenance policies thanks to its simple programming language. Easily readable and accessible reports can be produced to help you present your road maintenance proposals or results to local councils and finance departments.

Taking information from the L²R Base database, L²R Programme automatically generates a programme of road maintenance activates that need to be undertaken.

Results can be displayed as a dashboard overview.

Here is an example showing how the road network’s structural grade evolves over time.

Develop your works plans and strategies in L²R Programme.


  • Licence (one shot).
  • Customised configuration.
  • Training in France or abroad.
  • Annual maintenance.

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