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Road damage monitoring

L²R Measure: Road asset inventory and damage monitoring

L²R Measure is easy-to-use software installed on tablet-devices to facilitate on-site recording and monitoring of the status of your road asset infrastructure such as cracks, potholes etc.


Connected to a camera and a GPS, the ergonomic tablet-PC is used to record each deterioration in your road network. The user is able to enter the road asset’s status according to preset indicators as well as verify the quality of the data entered directly onsite.

L²R Measure demonstration.
Dialog to recording degradations of the road by operator.
Dialog to display measures like a dashboard.
Dialog to display measures like a graphic.
Dialog to display measures on Google Maps.
Dialog to display a session of measures.


  • Licence (one shot).
  • Customised configuration.
  • Training in France or abroad.
  • Annual maintenance.

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