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Insitut Française des Sciences et Technologies des Transports, de l’Aménagement et des Réseaux

The creators of the company LogiRoad are from IFSTTAR Institute (formerly LCPC), and of course a special relationship exists between these two companies. IFSTTAR conducts research finalized and expertise in the fields of transport, infrastructure, natural hazards and the city to improve the lives of our citizens and more broadly promote sustainable development of our societies.

Institut Pascal

Research laboratory in Clermont Ferrand

Research work on the range of ODT products to measure traffic are also derived from the Pascal Institute. A collaborative project (labex IMObS3) is still underway to improve this range of products.


SOciété de Réalisation de Mesures, d'Études et d'Analyse.

This partnership, signed September 11, 2012, follows a project funded by OSEO and the Auvergne Region project, attended the Pascal Institute IFSTTAR and society SORMEA, which led to the development of an Observatory Roundabouts (OR). This OR system automatically construct the matrices Origin - Destination, from videos taken from high above the roundabout and through point software that follows the trajectories of vehicles passing on the roundabout. SORMEA, by his experience and the organization it has been in place for more than 8 years in France, performs services (facilities acquisition devices on-site data ...). LOGIROAD provides technical and scientific support by SORMEA expected to achieve the automatic processing videos.

Total Développement

Total supports business creation.

"Total Développement" supports the development of society Logiroad to help his business get started.

EADS Développement

EADS Development brings its expertise in start-ups

A development agreement was signed with EADS Development.